A High School Senior Friendship Portrait Session

Many of you know that my niece is graduating from River Ridge High School in Woodstock next week. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing her with some of her friends in one last photo session before they each head their separate ways for college. These girls each have a beautiful friendship with my niece and it is my pleasure to momentarily honor each one of these wonderful young ladies.

River Ridge Seniors Group Photo 1

River Ridge HS Senior 1.jpg

Kiara, my niece, is a beautiful, smart, and caring young lady. She is one of those people what do not realize how beautiful they are and is always wanting to help others. I may be biased, but it felt like she was the connecting piece between all these amazing women. Kiara will be attending Gordon State College, my alma mater, to study biology. From there she hopes to move to Florida and study zoology...and intern at Disney. She LOVES anything Disney!

River Ridge HS Senior 6

Nicolle: Kiara and Nicolle also had chorus together in middle school but they didn't really get to know each other until Freshman year. Kiara remembered her because she always had one seat for herself and one for her bag. It was through Nicolle that Kiara developed an interest in manga and anime. Nicolle plans on majoring in business management at KSU.

River Ridge HS Senior 3

Avery: Avery and Kiara also met in 6th grade. Their friendship began as they shared their disdain for math in a math support connection class. Kiara says that Avery would always get mad at her because she would say "Ivory" instead of "Avery". Avery plans on attending Valdosta State University.

River Ridge HS Senior 4

Lissette: Kiara and Lissette met sophomore year through mutual friends, one of which was Avery, in chemistry. Now Lissette helps Kiara with her Spanish and Pre- Cal homework. Kiara is really glad that they met and became friends. Lissette plans on majoring in psychology at KSU.

River Ridge HS Senior 5

Kaylee: Kaylee and Kiara met while singing soprano in chorus during their 6th grade year at Mill Creek Middle School. Their friendship deepened during their freshman year as they spent more time together in several classes, including chorus. Kaylee plans on studying performing arts at SCAD.

River Ridge HS Senior 2

Ashley B: Kiara and Ashley met Sophomore year through Nicolle. Ashley also likes anime and manga so they become fast friends. They also share a similar taste in literature. Ashley plans on majoring in biology at West Georgia University.

Congratulations on your achievement ladies! Stay in touch with one another and keep encouraging each other to reach your dreams!

River Ridge High School - Class of 2017

River Ridge High School - Class of 2017